Moving to another state is never easy, but you can make it less stressful. Whether you’re moving to take a new job, go to school, or be closer to family, relocation can be hassle-free with a bit of preparation. Here are some tips for moving to another state.

Two Months Until You Move to Another State

About two months before your out-of-state move, start collecting moving boxes and stock up on packing tape. Keep boxes from deliveries and gather boxes from grocery and retail stores.

Purchasing is always an option, and if you know someone else who is moving, ask them if you can reuse the boxes. Consider a moving company if you don’t want to pack your stuff using cardboard and packing tape. Professional movers offer durable, reusable containers for transporting your things and will pick them up once your move to another state is complete.

In your free time, start packing items you don’t use often. Label fragile items and coordinate tape or marker colors with rooms to make unpacking your new home easier. Before unplugging electronics, take photos to remind you how the wires reconnect.

Decide how you will move to your new location. If you are taking your vehicle, have it serviced before moving day. Estimate gas and toll prices to plan the budget for your drive. If you are hiring a moving company, check to verify they carry insurance that will cover your property in case of damage.

4 Weeks Before Moving to Another State

With a month to go before moving to another state, assess your belongings for items to get rid of. Donate to a charity or host a yard sale, so you have fewer things to pack and move. Make a list of essential documents and valuables and keep them in one location.

To ensure your new home is move-in ready, schedule the transfer of services and utilities (e.g., tv/cable, internet, power, gas, and water). Include healthcare, fitness memberships, delivery/mail services, and other subscriptions.

Research your new city and look up state laws for updating your driver’s license and voter registration. Contact financial institutions, set up mail forwarding with the USPS, and inform others of your new address. Ask for help packing boxes and loading the truck. Make plans for your pets and kids on moving day. Young kids are often best cared for by family or a babysitter on the day of the move.

During the final week, pack most of your belongings. Rent the truck the day before to begin loading up early when you are moving. Pack an essentials bag with toiletries and bedding for the first night in your new house, so you’ll have easy access to the things you need.

Tips for Moving: On Moving Day

If you hire movers, have your boxes stacked together in one room. Make sure the furniture is ready to be loaded into the truck efficiently, with clear paths to and from the exterior doors.

If the forecast calls for rain or snow in either location, put drop cloths down to protect your floors. Plan to arrive during daylight hours, so there’s time to unpack and settle. Relax and appreciate the space once the movers unload the boxes at your new house. Over the next few days and weeks, you’ll be busy settling into the new home.

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