For many households, the garage is one of the untidiest and most disorganized areas. When you don’t take the time to organize your garage properly, it can easily become a storage space that collects more and more of your belongings. Clutter often leads to misplaced items and frustration.

A disorganized garage also means there’s no space to use this room as a workshop for your home improvement projects. You might not even be able to use the garage for its original purpose: to park the car. So if your garage requires some serious attention, check out our tips to help you organize your garage.

5 Hacks to Help You Organize Your Garage

Sort Through Items In Your Garage

There are likely a considerable amount of things in your garage that you no longer want and need. What’s more, there are probably many items in there that you forgot you had. So, before you can organize your garage, first sort through everything and dispose of anything that you no longer want or need.

As you sort through your belongings, make four piles; to keep, throw away, sell, and donate. This task might take some time, but it will free up useable space.

Sort What You are Keeping Into Categories

Let’s say you store car accessories, fishing equipment, pool supplies, and holiday decorations in your garage. One easy but effective way to organize your garage is to divide everything into separate categories.

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, categorize everything and designate storage areas for each type. We recommend using shelves for things you need to access regularly, and large plastic tubs for seasonal items like holiday decor and sporting equipment.

Add Shelving In Your Garage

There is probably empty wall space in your garage that you can turn into additional storage. Find new shelves for storing items you regularly need, like car cleaning supplies or tools. Metal rack shelves are a good option as they are sturdy and durable to hold heavy things, and you can move them around if needed.

Use Hooks and Pegboards to Organize Your Garage

Another way to use your walls and organize your garage is by hanging things up. First, fit heavy-duty hooks for large items like spades and rakes. Then for smaller, lighter items like tools, pegboards are an affordable and handy storage solution.

Label All Boxes

Finally, don’t just stack your boxes and storage tubs in the corner with no labeling system. Instead, label them clearly, so you can see what’s in them at a glance. This simple hack to organize your garage will save you from the frustration of hunting through your garage searching for holiday decorations or summer camping gear.

Organizing your garage opens up to a whole world of possibilities for using this space. For example, if you love weekend DIY projects, you might choose to add a workbench and turn one corner of your garage into a workshop.

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