It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homeowner or have lived in your house for years; a few tools are necessary to repair and maintain your home. Check your toolbox and make sure you have essential tools available for your projects. Whether you’re hanging shelves, installing a new faucet, or assembling furniture, here are a few must-have tools for homeowners.

1. A Level Will Come in Handy

A level is a tool to verify shelves, artwork, and the decking is flat and level. You’ll use this tool when installing a new towel bar, hanging family pictures on the wall, and ensuring the new bathroom countertop is level.

There are two basic types: a standard bubble level and a laser level. Choose a sturdy option for your toolbox, and it’s convenient to have a couple of sizes. A small 6” – 12” level is great for projects indoors, while a longer level is more useful for building a front porch or adding a backyard deck.

A level is helpful for hanging towel bars, wall décor, and toilet paper holders. It helps you establish whether the item you hang is crooked or straight.

2. Must-Have Tools for Homeowners: Invest in a Hammer

Hammers are one of the must-have tools for any toolbox. You’ll find hammers available in various sizes and shapes for different uses.

When buying hammers around the house, invest in a heavyweight claw hammer and a lightweight hammer like the ball peen hammer. Choose tools with a comfortable grip that isn’t too heavy.

3. Screwdrivers for Installing Fasteners

Purchase both Phillips head screwdrivers and flathead screwdrivers for your toolbox. Alternatively, you might buy a screwdriver set with interchangeable heads. An entire set will cost more but comes with more options than the two standard styles of screwdrivers. For example, a set often includes Allen wrenches and hexagonal tips for special screws.

4. Must-Have Tools for Homeowners: A Pair of Pliers

Needle nose pliers are great to have around the house. Bend wires and remove nails without damaging the surface. Slip-joint pliers help loosen bolts and other fasteners.

5. Tape Measure

You may need a tape measure to ensure accuracy when doing maintenance jobs at home. The best kinds of tape measures are lockable and retractable. When choosing a tape measure, make sure it’s large enough for your intended use. Many homeowners find a 25’ tape measure is a good length for use around the house. Whether measuring the kitchen for new flooring or determining if the new refrigerator will fit, a tape measure will come in handy.

6. Drills are Must-Have Tools

If you are a handy person, you will find owning a power drill very convenient. A battery-powered drill with drill bits allows you to complete many projects, from installing shelves to hanging a new front door.

The list of must-have tools for homeowners is not comprehensive. Other tools to consider for your toolbox include a saw, stud finder, and utility knife. You’ll gradually build your tool collection as you tackle more tasks and plan more projects.

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