Before you put your home on the market, make a list of tasks to prepare the property for a successful sale. Make updates and repairs to improve the curb appeal of your home. This will help the property make a good first impression and attract the attention of potential buyers.

Improve Curb Appeal With These 7 Tips

Update Lighting Fixtures

If the lighting fixtures by your front door have been there since you purchased the house, it’s probably time for an upgrade. It’s not difficult to install a new, modern porch light, or it’s a quick job for an electrician. For a less-expensive improvement, remove and thoroughly clean the current fixture. Use metallic or black spray paint to touch up the lighting fixtures.

Install a New Mailbox

Usually, the mailbox is one of the first things a person sees when approaching a house. A dented, rusty mailbox doesn’t reflect well on your home. Install a new mailbox or paint your current one if it is salvageable.

Pressure-Wash the Siding

Cleaning the siding removes dirt, mildew, and grime and will make your house look new. Rent a pressure washer for the weekend or hire a company to do the work for you.

Plant Flowers to Improve Curb Appeal

Add colorful blooms to your porch, walkway, and front steps. Flowers add life and colorful accents to your outdoor spaces. They’ll also make your home feel welcoming and cared for.

Add Mulch to Garden Beds

Mulch is attractive and it slows the growth of weeds in your flower beds. It also helps the soil retain more moisture. This means less maintenance and watering for you to take care of. Add a layer of fresh mulch beneath shrubbery, around young trees, and in flower beds.

Clean the Front Porch

Anyone who tours your home is going to enter from the front porch. Make the space feel warm and welcoming. Clean the porch well, pressure washing the front steps and floor. Remove spider webs and insect nests. Add throw pillows to the outdoor furniture to make the space feel cozy.

Install Lighting to Improve Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting will also help boost curb appeal. A potential buyer could drive by the property at any time, day or night. Attractive landscape lighting and solar-powered LEDs that illuminate the front walkway add visibility at night and make the home feel inviting.

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