Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are useful tools in the home inspection industry. A UAV is operated via remote control and is flown at a low altitude above a home. Drones are used to examine areas of the property that are out of reach of the inspector. These small devices provide high-resolution images and video of these areas, allowing for a more thorough inspection. Let’s look at some of the uses of drones in home inspections.

Understand the Condition of the Roof with Drones in Home Inspection

A home inspector will walk the roof whenever possible to get a first-hand look at the roofing materials. However, in some situations, it is not safe to inspect the roof on foot. Homes with steeply pitched roofs, dilapidated structures, or properties with extensive damage from high winds or storms may not be safe for the inspector to access. Drones provide images and high-resolution video that help the inspector better understand the condition of the roof.

A More Thorough Inspection

A drone in home inspections is a useful tool that helps the inspector get a better look at certain aspects of the property. Even if the roof is safe to walk on, the inspector can use the drone to capture high-quality images of architectural features like dormer windows and skylights.

The drone can also be used to examine upper story windows, tall chimneys, and the home’s guttering system. Because the images captured are high-resolution, the inspector can more completely examine these areas of the building. Often, these videos and images will be included as part of your home inspection report.

Drones in Home Inspections can Provide Images of the Property

When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, he or she may be able to show you aerial images of the entire property. This is especially helpful if you are buying a house out of your immediate area. Even if you’re able to tour the home, you may not have time to explore the land. A drone can capture aerial footage of the property showing the surrounding area and nearby homes. The drone footage is also useful for planning future landscaping projects.

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