5 DIY Deck Upgrades You Can Complete This Weekend

If you enjoy relaxing outdoors with friends and family, it’s important that your deck is in good condition. Rather than hire a contractor to do the work, try your hand at simple deck upgrades you can do yourself.

Here are a few inexpensive and easy ways to transform a deck into a great place to hang out.

Clean the Deck

The easiest DIY upgrade you can do is to deep clean your deck. There are a lot of deck cleaning solutions available. Rent a pressure washer to remove dirt, stains, and mildew or algae. In no time, your deck will look as good as new. Once you’ve cleaned your deck, revive the boards by applying a coat of decking stain to protect the materials from UV rays and the elements.

Deck Upgrades: Add Color and Comfort

Entice your family and friends to spend more time on your deck by providing them with comfortable places to sit. If you already have patio furniture, add pillows made from fabrics that can withstand the weather. Choose an outdoor rug to embellish the seating area. These additions will make your deck more inviting.

Install Lighting

If you plan on spending evenings outdoors, add lighting to your deck. Buy lanterns or weatherproof string lights to hang in the area. Rope lights are available with long-lasting LED bulbs. Wrap them around a pole or a nearby tree and you’ve instantly added light and ambiance. Another inexpensive lighting option is solar-powered stake lights. These might be used to line the pathway to the pool or insert a light in a planter to illuminate a focal point on your deck.

Decorate with Greenery

Green plants and colorful blossoms add life to your outdoor spaces. Install hanging baskets around the deck. Choose vining plants from your local garden center, or use house plants that will enjoy being outside for the summer. Plant a container garden of herbs you can use in the kitchen and add inexpensive flower pots with seasonal flowers for a burst of color.

Upgrade Your Deck With a Beverage Station

To improve your deck, create an outdoor beverage station. Refurbish an old cabinet or cart. Add a coat of outdoor paint, cocktail shakers, glasses, and a bucket for ice, and you have an outdoor bar. You might also recycle an entertainment center or bookcase for the same purpose. Use quality outdoor paint and take advantage of the compartments in the furniture to store ingredients, drinkware, and other necessary items.

There are plenty of DIY deck upgrades you can tackle over the weekend, depending on your budget. Provide a comfortable place for family and friends to spend time outdoors.

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